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Boy Reading Book with Stuffed Big BearREAD BOOKS


For infants and toddlers, there are picture books and board books. For children learning to read, we offer easy reader books, early chapter books and book/audiotape kits. A large fiction and non-fiction juvenile collection of chapter books is geared toward readers ages 9-12 years old.

Children Making Craft Projects MAKE CRAFTS

In the Arts & Crafts Area you will find open access materials like crayons, child-friendly scissors, paper, color pages, glue sticks, tape, markers, colored pencils and various craft kits. Personalize a bookmark, make a paper tube rocket ship, assemble a cat, bat or spider kit. 

Child at Computer USE THE COMPUTER

The children's room boasts a designated, internet access computer. There are a few learning game CD-ROM discs to utilize including Star Wars Math. This computer is for children under the age of 12 only. Children under age 8 must have adult supervision as the Dover Library Computer Policy does NOT include Website Filters for protection of objectional materials/websites. If more than one patron is waiting to use the Children's Room computer, a 20 minute time limit will be enforced.

Child Wearing Mask PLAY DRESS UP

Among the play area activities, children will find various dress up clothes for imaginative play. Become a knight in armor, an astronaut, royalty, a butterfly, superhero, construction worker, scientist and more. 

Assemble Puzzles

Assemble age appropriate puzzles from small table puzzles to large floor puzzles. 

100 3959 opt USE PUPPETS

Story retelling is a great way to learn. Using puppets is fun and educational. Renact "The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf", "Chicken Little" or introduce a goldfish, dragon bunblebee or crab into your story and make it your very own version.

Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to stories and following along in a printed book encourage a love or reading and improve reading skills. The children's room contains over 150 audiobook sets. Formats for this digital resources include: CDs, MP3s, and digital downloads (from OneClick Digital - linked to this website). Each CD and MP3 book loans for 21 days. These are great for car trips and bedtime.

Find Lots of Videos

The Children's Rooms contains over 300 DVDs to borrow for 7 days. A maximum number of 4 DVD's can be borrowed at a time per card. Many DVDs are features related to books or reading, but there are also many non-fiction how-to and learning videos for children ages 3-12. 

Children's Librarian Helping Child VISIT THE CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN

 The Children's Room is a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. The Chidren's Room is open during regular library hours and is managed by the Children's Librarian, Tamara Hamm, a state-certified children's librarian serving Dover Free Library's youngest patrons for over 15 years. Tamara loves to assist parents and children with their library needs during her Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning hours. You can contact Tamara with questions, concerns and comments by email


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