By-Laws of the Dover Free Library 

Article 1: The Board of Trustees of the Dover Free Library shall consist of five
members, each serving for five years, the term of one expiring annually, and his/
her successor shall be elected annually at Town Meeting. Any member may
resign by written notice filed with the Town Clerk. In case of an opening, the
Board should make a recommendation to the Town Selectmen to fill the
At the Board’s discretion an at-large trustee position may be filled. The Board
may ask the Selectmen to appoint a candidate or may offer the position as an
elected position during the annual meeting. The at-large term shall be one year
or until the next annual election, whichever comes first. The at-large trustee will
fully participate in all Board meetings and activities but will not have voting
privileges. The at-large trustee will automatically fill a vacancy on the board and
become a full trustee with voting privileges until the next annual election.
Article 2: A trustee is expected to give advance notice to the Chairperson or
Library Director whenever he/she cannot attend a meeting. Any member who
fails to attend three consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetings, or four
within a 12-month period, will receive a letter from the Chairperson reminding
the member that regular attendance is a responsibility of all trustees and that
those unable to attend regularly should consider resigning from the Board.
Copies of these letters shall be included in the Board’s minutes. In the event of
illness or other extenuating circumstances, exceptions to this provision may be
made by formal vote of the Board.
Article 3: Regular publicized Board meetings will be held monthly on dates
determined by the Trustees with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Meetings
may be suspended in July or August at the Board’s discretion.
Article 4: A special meeting called by the Chairperson, or any two Board
members may be held with at least 24 hours’ notice at any time in accordance
with Vermont state statutes.
Article 5: A quorum shall consist of three or more trustees at any meeting.
Article 6: The officers of the Board shall be a Chairperson, a Secretary, and,
optionally, a Vice chairperson and/or Treasurer. The officers shall be elected at
the first Board meeting after Town Meeting or whenever a vacancy occurs.
Article 7: The duties of all officers shall be such as by custom and law and the
rules of the Board devolve upon such officers.
Article 8: Since the Board is composed of only five members, it sits as a
committee of the whole, and standing committees are not appointed. Special
committees may be appointed as required.
Article 9: The Board shall appoint a qualified Library Director who shall be the
administrative officer of the library on behalf of the Board and under its review
and direction. Responsibilities delegated by the Board to the Library Director
shall include implementation of policies approved by the Board, selection and
supervision of personnel, selection of books and other materials, maintenance of
library collections, expenditure of funds within the approved budget, direction of
library operations and provision of services to the public. The Library Director
shall attend all Board meetings.
Article 10: The Chairperson shall annually submit to the Board of Selectmen a
report of the activities of the Board and the library for inclusion in the Town’s
Annual Report.
Article 11: All meetings of the Board shall be subject to the State’s Open
Meeting Law. In particular, all meetings are open to the public unless held in
executive session under terms of the law. A notice of all meetings will be filed
with the Town Clerk along with the meeting’s agenda at least 48 hours in
advance of the meeting date and time, and a copy of the notice will be posted in
the Town Office, at the Library, at the Dover School, and on the library website.
All records of minutes of meetings will be available for public inspection.
Article 12: All decisions of the Board are made by the Board as a collective
body. No individual member may make decisions, act or speak for the board
unless specifically authorized to do so by a vote of the membership of the
Article 13: The bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a
quorum vote, providing that a motion presenting the amendment was duly made
and seconded at the previous meeting, or that written notice of the proposed
amendment shall be mailed to all members at least 10 days prior to the meeting
at which such action is proposed to be taken.
Article 14: Trustees will be compensated for time spent at Board meetings and
other activities that are deemed to be beneficial to the functioning of the Board.
The basis of the compensation will be the prevailing state minimum hourly
wage at the time of each meeting. The exception will be the Chairperson who
will receive the minimum hourly wage plus $1.50. Payment will occur during
the month following the end of the library’s fiscal year. Trustees will also be
compensated for expenses at State and Regional workshops.
Article 15: The Board may hire an auditor to review the library’s financial
records on a routine basis. The Board may hire a bookkeeper to manage the
library’s financial records.
Article 16: The Board shall conduct an annual performance review of the
Director of the library.
Approved by the Board of Trustees on August 11, 2023. Effective October 10,
_______________________________ Chairperson
Jodi Keeler
________________________________ Secretary
Kathy Saccoccio

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