The Palace Project 

LYRASIS catalyzes and enables equitable access to the world’s knowledge and cultural heritage.​

The Palace Project


Quick start guide to Palace Project

What do I need to use Palace? 

How do I start?

  1. Get the app. Download The Palace Project app directly from the app store or on Google Play. 
  2. Create account. 
    1. Open the Palace App 
    2. Click the “find your
      library” button at the
      bottom of the screen
    3. Type in Dover Free Library – or scroll down until you find it 
  3. Create Virtual Library Card  
    1. Click Settings on the lower right hand side of the screen
    2. Click on libraries 
    3. Select Dover Free Library 
    4. Click “Don’t Have a Library Card”  Create Card 
    5. Allow the App to Use Current Location
    6. Allow App to Autofill Location if you like 
    7. Complete form 
      1. The password you create will be your pin to log in on the app 
    8. Submit the form
    9. Click back button on top of screen to bring you back to library log in page 
    10. Open your email and find the email from palace by lyrasis 
    11. Verify your email 
    12. Use the barcode emailed to you and the password you created to log into the app

Watch this video for extra help on how to create the virtual card:

  1. Select and check out the titles you want. How does it work?
    1. eAudiobooks – 13 days
    2. eBooks – 20 days

How do I borrow a title? 

Click on a title you like then click the white Get button next to the picture of the book cover. 

Can I place a hold on items? 


Are titles downloaded onto my device or computer? 

Palace only works through a downloaded app. When titles are checked out they are downloaded to the app not the device. Because of this Palace only works on phones and tablets and not on comupters through the web. 

Can I renew a title?

Yes, titles can be renewed